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10 Red Light Areas In India

Red Light Areas refers to place where prostitution takes place.Prostituiton is the bitter reality of one and every nation no matter how developed it may be.Although in India prostitution is not legalized but here is a list of some famous Red light areas of our country we have jot down for your awareness.

1. Sonagachi, Kolkata

This place is known to have over 10,000 sex workers.Here there are a large number of multi-story brothels.
It is located in North Kolkata, on the banks of Ganges.It is the most reputed Red Light District in India.Also known to be Asia’s largest RedLight Area.

2. Budhwar Peth, Pune
This place is unique in its own way.As Peth refers to market, so a major part of this place is covered with local markets, book shops etc.It is known to be the 3rd largest Red light Area in our country.It has about 5000 sex workers.This place was earlier known as Mohitabad or Moheyabad.
3. Garstin Bastion Road, Delhi
Being a commercial area during the day time this place is crowded by a lot of people.Located in the capital region of our country G.B. Road is the fifth largest Red Light Area of our country.Having over 200 brothels, this place has more minors engaging in the activity than adults.unnamed
4. Meergunj, Allahabad
Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh; This place is known to have sex workers not just from the state itself but from various other states like West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and also across the borders of India; Nepal and Bangladesh.Also this place has an issue of prostitution by minor due to paucity of awareness and education. 800px-Kamathipura_lane
5. Kamathipura, Mumbai
Asia’s second largest and Mumbai’s most primeval Red Light District, Kamathipura was earlier know as The Laal Baazar (The Red Market).With the rise of AIDS in the late 1990’s the government helped the sex workers here to move out of this line of work and the number of workers decreased from 50k to about 1600 within a period of 2 decades as recorded by the BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation).7
6. Itwari, Nagpur
Apart from the prostitution that takes place there are massive other crimes that take place.People here are living a life of slavery,poverty and have no means of rescue from here.Also known as Ganga Jamuna this place is located close to the Nagpur railway station.
7. Tilawala, Jaipur
In the city of Hawa Mahal; Jaipur there lies a village named Tilawala. The upsurge of prostitution in this area is due to the fact of its cut rate which in recurrence invites labours and gangsters from neighbouring districts.
8. Chaturbhujsthan, Muzaffarpur
Muzaffarpur, A district located in the state of Bihar was renowned for its temple known as The Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple extensively prominent for its spirituality. faith along with Mujra but with the passage of time Mujra changed into plentiful number of brothels.This place turned into full of misery and hell due to poverty , cheap rates and rivalry.shivdaspur_y6ierk
9. Shivdaspur, Banaras
Shivdaspur Village in Varanasi is located in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh in India.It is known to be a red light village in the holy city.Although small but there are enormous number of brothels here.The trade, prostitution and trafficking, of women and minor girls has been taking place in this village without any
10. Kabadi Bazar, Meerut
This place is located near Brahmpuri.When the sex workers don’t find any place in the G.B Road they genreally prefer this place due to its proximity to the NCR.It is said that to run the brothels here, girls even from orphanages are brought to this bazar