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10 Relatable Things For People Who Have Attended College in India

10 relatable things for people who have attended college in India:

    1. The attendance horror!! The NON-STOP struggle for attendance the whole freakin’ year! And questioning it on all levels.1

2. College Fests!! Working tirelessly day and night to turn it into an even more successful event than the last time.

3. The fest after parties!! Zero discipline, zero shits given, zero senses working normally = Ultimate crazy time celebrations to relieve off the before-fest stresses and on-day hard work.

4. Putting up extra hours to look ravishing in the beginning of the year but again resorting to home fashion such as chappals and pajamas for the rest of the year.

5. Splitting the bills!! Those too till the very last rupee! So that one doesn’t pay even a rupee extra for the piece of sandwich he/she had. #JustIndianStudentsThing

6. Canteen Food!! The initial few weeks’ craze of having the canteen food and end up realizing it was the worst decision of all time because apparently, everything tastes same.

7. Street Food!! After the canteen food disaster, you resort to street food which is not only absolutely delicious but also easy on the pocket. Street food is bliss for college students. #JustBrokeThings

8. Cutting Chai!! Your savior for the next day of hangover. This gets you off the last night’s hangover-mode in seconds and fills in the energy needed for the continuous stream of BORING lectures.

9. Hanging out at the Tea stall!! By far, the favorite past time of college students. Crack some lame jokes, pull each other’s legs and have a little fun talk with the chai-waale bhaiya. Quick break = Rushing towards the tea stall just in front of college premises.

10. Photostat copies!! After just a semester, your cupboards start overflowing with Xerox copies and at the end of the year, they are so much in abundance that you can turn it into paper wallpaper for your room. LEGIT!