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10 Silliest Assumptions World is Having About India

India is one diverse nation with 22 official languages, around two thousand dialects, 29 different cultures, geographical diversity and multiple religions. But still, a lot of stereotypes regarding India and natives of India are predominant in the imagination of those who have never been to this diverse nation. Let’s go over 10 silliest assumptions about India:

    1. Every Indian worships Cricket: No. No. Not everyone in India loves cricket. There is an obsession with other sports as well such as football, tennis, and badminton.
    2. Every part of India has hot-humid climate: No, India has a great geographical diversity. It has frozen lakes in Kashmir and sunny beaches at Havelock Island. It has sand dunes in Rajasthan and excessive rainfall in Cherrapunji.
    3. Indians eat spicy curry every day: The daily diet of majority Indians consist of fried vegetables, dal or sambhar with rice or chapatis and also meat or fish in some regions. Spicy curries are only prepared for special events.
    4. All Indians love Bollywood: Regional cinema is equally popular in India. Some Indians completely detest Bollywood and appreciate world cinema more.32-prabhas-baahubali-movie-wallpapers-ultra-hd-1024x512

5. Patriarchy is prevalent in all parts of India: An argument in contrast to this popular belief – In Meghalaya, there is a matriarchal system of marriages with wealth and property passing from mother to daughter, unlike the traditional father to son transfer.

6. Every Indian hesitates while talking to the opposite sex: Raj in #TBBT must have been the only Indian that has not been able to talk to the opposite sex without booze. Moreover, people here get along with opposite sexes more.


7. All South Indians have curly hair and darker tones: Negative. Most of them have wheat-ish tone. Also, not all of them wear lungi.


8. All Indians live in joint families: According to Indian daily soaps, yes! But actually, just a small portion of Indian family adorns the joint family culture.


9. Arrange marriages in India happen overnight: This one is a bit misplaced and exaggerated. Every Arrange marriage in India happens after a few days of informal meetings to evaluate the prospective.

10. Indians are still very conservative: Girls are allowed to step out of the house, work night shifts. They are seen partying till 2 am. Live-ins are trending. Hence, times have significantly changed.