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11 highest waterfalls to visit in the monsoon in Maharashtra

The monsoon in India is truly special. Valleys and their surrounding hillsides turn into beautiful verdant sanctuaries, with rivers coming to life and flowing in full vigor. And then there are the cascading waterfalls, showing the true force of nature. They are a stunning sight to behold when gushing in all their glory during the monsoon. Maharashtra has some of the country’s most picturesque landscapes with majestic hills and mountains that form the backdrop of some mesmerizing waterfalls. You cant help but be in awe of nature during the monsoon, and waterfalls have the uncanny knack to making you feel close to nature yet overwhelmed by it. So this monsoon, step out of the city and take a drive to the hillside to experience the magic of nature. Here are the ten best and highest waterfalls in Maharashtra that will take your breath away.

1. Bhivpuri Waterfalls


Take a break from chaotic city life and visit this stunning waterfall that is one of Maharashtra’s best. It is located in Bhivpuri, which is a small and quaint town located in the Karjat Taluka. The area is known for its waterfalls, and this spot is the most preferred weekend destination, especially during the monsoon. Though Bhivpuri is a small village, it has its own railway station called Bhivpuri Road railway station.  Most people suggest you get down at Karjat to access the gorgeous Bhivpuri Waterfalls, but not many know that you can also get down at Bhivpuri Road railway station and walk down to the falls.

The walk from Bhivpuri Rail railway station is quite a scenic one. There’s lush greenery as far as the eye can see and the hillside is dotted with small streams, making for a beautiful view. If you opt to travel to Bhivpuri Waterfalls from Karjat, you have the added advantage of relishing the famous, lip-smacking vada pav at the station before you head to your destination. This is a must-do when alighting at Karjat, so don’t forget to grab a vada pav or two.

The waterfall is said to be around 20 feet high and the sight of water falling from such a great height and dashing on rocks is breathtaking. You’re bound to get soaked in the spray if you get a little close and people often relish the thrill. But don’t venture too close to the water hole formed by the falls.

The best time to visit Bhivpuri Waterfalls is from June to September. Which means now is the perfect time to visit! This is a popular destination, so the area is bound to be bustling with people on weekends. Adventure junkies also love this place as it’s a great spot for waterfall rappelling during the monsoon. That’s another reason this spot sees so many tourists.


If you are planning a weekend getaway, there are any stay options in Karjat, which is closest to Bhivpuri. Or you can look for accommodation near Bhivpuri Road railway station. Neeta’s Inn (+092235 94600), which is situated 23 km from Bhivpuri Road railway station, is one option worth considering.


From Mumbai get into a Karjat bound train on the Central line and get down at Karjat. Walk towards the auto stand in the east and take a rickshaw to your destination. This is the easiest way to reach there.

2. Tungareshwar Waterfall

Tungareshwar is a green belt located in Vasai and home to the roaring Tungareshwar Waterfall. The spot is a great option for those looking to bask in the beauty of nature as well as those who want something a little more exciting. Adventure junkies can go mountaineering and trekking in the surrounding hillside. It also makes for a great picnic spot. Situated at an altitude of 2,177 feet, the Tungareshwar Waterfall is in a wooded area, adding to the feeling of seclusion. People love coming here because the hustle and bustle of city life doesn’t penetrate here. You can sit on the rocks right next to the waterfall and let the roar of the water ease your cares away. Apart from the waterfall, another major attraction here is the Tungareshwar temple, which is visited by devotees in large numbers.

Trekkers who come to Tungareshwar often start off at the highway junction, which is around one kilometer from the base. There’s a forest check post at the base, and that’s where the real trek starts. A trek right till the top is around 8 kilometers, and will take around two hours one way. It’s a magical way to explore the countryside. Another trekking option is to head towards Chinchoti Waterfall, which takes around an hour one way.


The easiest way to reach Tungareshwar Waterfall from Mumbai is by taking a train to Vasai. Get down in the east and from there take an autorickshaw to Tungareshwar Waterfall. Those coming by road, should head down the Vasai highway and take the right that leads to Tungareshwar village; the waterfall isn’t too far from there.

3. Pandavkada Waterfall


These majestic falls are located in Kharghar, a suburb in Navi Mumbai. They plunge down from a height of 107 meters, unleashing the full force of nature on the rocky ground below. The monsoon’s cloud-laden skies and surrounding lush green hills, add to the area’s bewitching factor. The waterfall is beautifully placed in the middle of the misty Pandavkada hills, making it a great spot for one-day picnics. In the monsoon, people often head to Kharghar for a chance to spend a day in the lap of nature. The monsoon turns the area into something straight out of paradise. An important point to note, areas with waterfalls tend to be prone to mudslides so you should be careful and follow the rules set by local government.

Legend has it that the name of the waterfall is derived from the Pandavas (legendary heroes of the Mahabharata) who are believed to have visited here for a leisure bath below the falls when they were in exile. There’s even a tunnel here that was supposedly used by the Pandavas to enter this region.

Cascading in full vigor during monsoons, this is one waterfall in Maharashtra that nobody should miss on. A day spent in the company of such grandeur and natural beauty, Pandavkada waterfalls won’t fail to impress you.


If travelling by train from Mumbai, take the Harbour line and head to Kharghar railway station. From there take an autorickshaw to the waterfall, which is 9 km away. By road, the best route is the Sion-Panvel highway.

4. Vangani Waterfall

Vangni Waterfall is one of the most historic waterfalls and is situated near a quaint village called Bedis, which is located close to Vangani town in Maharashtra. Also popularly known as Bhagirath Waterfall, there are many stories attached it. It’s a well-known spot for one-day picnics, so Vangni Waterfall sees many see many tourists during the monsoon when the water is flowing in all its might. Vangani receives moderate to heavy rainfall and the whole area turns bright green, which looks picturesque and enchanting.

The most interesting part about this waterfall is that as much as it is beautiful, it is also very safe to visit during monsoon. Sit near the base of the waterfall and experience calm and serenity as you let the beautiful surroundings offer comfort and solace to your weary soul. Even a one-day visit is sure to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. People from all over visit this waterfall and if you haven’t visited it yet, you must before the monsoon ends.

There’s an interesting story behind the waterfall’s name. According to Hindu mythology, a great ancient king named Bhagirath was believed to have brought the River Ganga to earth by worshipping Shiva with utmost devotion. This waterfall is named after that king. People who visit the waterfall also make it point to visit the Shiva Temple that is located close to the water. There’s also a 25-feet high dam near Vangni that is another tourist attraction. The water in this dam comes from the waterfall and is used to store the water. And dam’s regular use ensures that the waterfall continues to flow almost throughout the year.

If you happen to visit Vangani or the waterfall, make sure you carry your own food since there are hardly any stalls or hotels for refreshments. And remember to be a responsible traveler and do not litter that place, which is otherwise kept clean and devoid of any garbage. If you love the rains, and the accompanying greenery and beauty, then trust us and head to Vangani Waterfall. This is one natural wonder you don’t want to miss.


From Mumbai, it takes about 2.5 hours to reach Vangni. Take a train headed to Karjat and get off at Vangani railway station. Come out in the east and take an autorickshaw to the waterfall. If travelling by road, take the Airoli-Sheelfata-Badlapur route. From Badlapur, it is at a distance of 13 km.

5. Thoseghar Waterfall

thoseghar waterfalls

Located near a quaint village named Thoseghar, these beautiful falls lie on the edge of the Konkan region. They are 20 km from Satara and one of the most preferred picnic spots near Mumbai and Pune. It is mostly visited during the rainy season.  It is tallest waterfall in India and falls from a height of 500 m. There is a line of many waterfalls in this region and the lush greenery around them makes it even more beautiful. Some of the waterfalls here are 15 to 20 meters high and people from all over flock here to see the cascading waterfalls and the surroundings that are green and vibrant. The surrounding countryside is pretty quiet and with dense dark woods.

Apart from this, a recent development here is a new picnic area that serves as a good spot to get the best and breathtaking views of the waterfall. The platform can be entered through the valley; however, you have to be careful if it is raining heavily. The beauty of the waterfall is that it feels like somebody from above is showering us with the beauty and charm of nature in the form of water. The milky white water cascading down to the ground is a sight that anybody can fall in love with. And if you are somebody who loves nature, Thoseghar Waterfalls will keep you hooked.  Most of us who live in cities often forget the importance of nature and the many wonders that it has. So take a short break and head to this tranquil village that has one of the best waterfalls in Maharashtra. And because monsoon is in its peak, let us tell you this is one experience that you are you going to remember for the rest of your life.


Satara never falls short of accommodation options. There are many resorts and hotels in this city that provides tourists with the perfect stay with all the modern amenities and facilities.  Hotel Radhika Palace (+02162 233 133), Mahendra Executive (+02162 245 100) are two of the best budget hotels in Satara located at a close distance to the waterfalls.


The best and easiest way to reach Thoseghar Waterfall for people coming from Mumbai and Pune is to book a car or take a bus. From Pune, it is 130 km away, 140 km away from Mumbai and 20 km away from Satara. And by rail, the nearest railway station is Satara, which is very well connected to all the major cities in Maharashtra.


6. Lingamala Falls

Lingmala Falls is another major tourist attraction that is located at 6 km from Mahabaleshwar. The water falls from a great height of 600 feet, which is a pure delight to the eyes. The best time to visit Lingamal Falls is between July to December and during monsoon the waterfalls are in full force. Visited by tourists every year, the Lingmala falls into the alluring Venna Lake making it look stunning.  This place is paradise for those who love nature and also for those who love capturing these vistas in their cameras. Also because the location is in Mahabaleshwar, you can also so relish some strawberries which are their specialty.

The exotic location makes it ideal for one day picnickers to spend some quiet and memorable moments with loved ones away from all the city chaos.  The pleasant climate, lush green hills, the cascading milky white water of the falls makes it one sight that nobody should ever miss. This is the reason why Lingamala waterfalls are considered as one of the best in Maharashtra. A true form of natural beauty, make sure you plan a trip to this place soon before the monsoons end.


By road you can reach Lingmala easily with so many buses plying between Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar. From Mumbai it is 247 km to Mahabaleshwar.

7. Dugarwadi Waterfall

dugarwadi waterfall

Situated 30 km away from Nashik which is the wine capital of India, Dugarwadi waterfalls is one of the best natural waterfalls of Maharashtra. Pristine surroundings, picturesque landscapes and enchanting vistas make this attraction a must visit during monsoon. It still is lesser known and hence very few people actually explore this spot. And hence that is what should push you to go to Dugarwadi waterfalls. Fewer tourists mean less chaos, less noise and cleaner surroundings. After all, people who travel from city obviously do not wish to go to another place full of hustle bustle. So for a perfect weekend getaway or a one day trip, Dugarwadi waterfall is an ideal spot. The serenity of the falls is sure to mesmerize you and the mountain along Trimbakeshwar road only just adds to the beauty and charm of the whole place.

The fresh water falling from above, the pleasant climate and dense forests are all too hard to resist. This place can definitely go into nature lover’s favorite spot of rejuvenation. If you want to experience nature at its best and want to break free from all the stress, Dugarwadi waterfalls is where you should be at. If you choose to take the hilly path leading to the waterfalls, you are in for a visual treat; a treat that you will never forget filled with scenery and wonders.  The adventurous ones can also opt for trekking, but you have to be extra careful during monsoon since it can get a tad slippery.  This place is comparatively lonely with not much crowd, hence it always advisable to set out in groups.

Apart from this, there is nothing about this spot that you really need to worry about. So start your planning and get going.


Nashik Railway station is the nearest station and will help you reach Dugarwadi. You can also drive down to Dugarwadi via Nashik road.

8. Zenith Falls

zenith waterfalls

Have you been planning to visit a waterfall in Maharashtra for quite some time now? If yes, you do not have to go too far. In Khopoli, a city in Mumbai, has an ideal tourist spot-The Zenith waterfalls. If you board a central railway line you get down at Khopoli.  The journey will take you about two hours and 40 minutes approximately.  You can also a board a train till Karjat and then the connecting train to Khopoli. And train rides during monsoon are very refreshing with greenery all around and the region looks glowing. From Khopoli , on the western side, you can start walking towards the beautiful Zenith waterfall.  And trust us when we say this, your trip to the stunign falls will start on a very exciting note.  Through an industrial complex and then to a spot where you can find  small stalls selling roasted corn, the walk is an amazing one. Flanked with picturesque landscapes and greenery all around, the sight is and absolute delight to the eyes.

On trips like these always ensure that you wear floaters so that walking is easier and comfortable. Your walk will take your through waters of rivers and on narrow trails and hence comfortable footwear will let you make the most of your exciting journey. On your way you will find streams that you have to cross to reach Zenith waterfall. And once you are almost there at the start of Zenith waterfall, you can also find many stall selling chai and corn. So all your worries of food can also be kept at bay! The waterfall is a good 25 feet high and during monsoon is when it is active. This is also the same time when it attracts maximum number of tourists of all kinds- the ones who love nature and the ones who love adventure activities like trekking.

As a tourist to this beautiful spot, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you do not pollute this water since it serves as the major source of drinking water to locals in the village. Most of them just love sitting at the mouth of the waterfall and taking the pleasures of such beautiful vistas around.


A rain to Khopoli that falls on the Central Railway in Mumbai is the easiest and the best option to reach Zenith waterfall.  From Khopoli, you can walk and trek till your attraction spot.

9. Randha Falls

The Randha Falls are 12 km away from the junction that goes towards Bhandardhara.  Located near a temple, this is one fall that comes in full might during monsoon.  The base of the falls is really steep and low and hence it is not really easy to reach there. However, you can just admire the beauty of these stunning falls and be enchanted.  The third largest waterfall in India and one of the most important attractions, the location itself is abundant with scenic beauty. Bhandardara where the waterfalls lie is a pristine holiday village resort which sits by the Parvara River. The Randha falls are one of their most prime attractions and the tranquility and invigorating air and calm and cozy ambiance is what makes this spot so famous.

The Parvara river that flows 170 feet down into a small canine offers a breathtaking sight. The temple on the banks of this river is another great spot from where you can take maximum pleasant views of the falls. Make the most of your time here with your friends and family and rejuvenate yourself. Soaking under the falls during rains is the kind of fun that every city dweller needs to do once a while. There can be nothing better than this to deal with your daily stress.  While you do explore the falls and enjoy its splendor, you can also take out some time to explore the nearby tourist attractions and places of interest. This will just add more fun and experiences to your trip. A one day trip to Randha falls is all it requires to come back a happy and relaxed soul. Don’t forget to carry you camera so that you can capture the beautiful sceneries that you witnessed. You can come back and flaunt in front of your friends who couldn’t make it. Sounds fun, right?


If you wish to stay overnight, there are many hotels and resorts in Bhandardara.  The MTDC Holiday Resort( +1800229930) is a great option.

Cottons Forest Resort ( +0224243312) is also another great option that you can try.

So if you have too much time on your hands book a room in any of these comfortable hotels and explore the enchanting Randha Waterfalls while you also experience the other nearby attractions. Is here anything else that you can ask for?


The nearest railway station to this beautiful waterfall is Igatpuri which is 35 km away from Bhandardara. From Bhandardara it takes about 15 minutes approximately to reach Randha Falls. This is the easiest way to get there.

10. Vajrai Waterfalls

Vajrai waterfalls

Vajrai waterfall is one of the most scenic waterfalls that are located near the majestic Sahyadri hills. Surrounded beautiful by the Ks flower valley region, this waterfall is situated at 27 km from Satara city. It is no surprise that during monsoon, Maharashtra turns into shades of green.  Said to be one of the tallest waterfalls in India, the Vajrai waterfall is situated at a height of 1,840 feet. And this is why this waterfall is so popular now. And this popularity has in turn helped Bhambavali village, since tourism is now their main business and source of income.  Beaming with incredible natural splendor along with a very soothing climate, there is absolute nothing about this waterfall that can disappoint you.

People from all across India and Maharashtra flock to witness the beauty of this falls and during monsoon, it goes without saying that the crowds gather in large numbers. All through the year, this waterfall usually enjoys a great flow, however during monsoon, the flow is even stronger. This makes it ideal for boating something that many people love doing.  To experience the true feel of heaven on earth, the Vajrai waterfall is the spot that you must visit this monsoon.

There is a small history attached to this beautiful waterfall. As per beliefs of the local tribe, the Maharashtrian Saint Sri Samarth Ramadas  is said to have climbed the entire mountain of Vajrai waterfalls in just three steps and this is how the Vajrai Waterfall became into a 23 stair waterfall mountain. Since then, religious significance of this place has just increased and the nearby temples have added to this, attracting more tourists each year. There are also many small caves close to the Vajrai waterfalls that are another prime attraction for tourists.

Another tourist attraction is the Umrodi Dam which is based on the river that is formed because of the waterfalls.  People who visit the falls also make sure to explore the Urmodi Dam.  So, whenever you visit the Vajrai, you too shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of exploring all the other nearby tourist attractions.


If you are planning to get away to this attraction point for a weekend, you do not have to be wprried much about the stay options. There are many hotels near the waterfalls that offer a comfortable stay. The Kaas Pathar Village Resort(082910 08666) is one of them which is located in Satara and isn’t too far from the falls.


To reach Vajrai waterfalls, you can drive down to Satara which is 140 km from Mumbai and 130 km from Pune. From Satara it is at a distance of 27 km.

11. Kune Falls

kune waterfalls

Khandala is one of the major attractions for a weekend getaway in Maharashtra.  And out of the many reasons that make this place a major tourist attraction is the Kune waterfalls. The landscapes are undoubtedly one of the best sights, but the Kune waterfalls are no less and treat you to a visual spectacle.  During monsoon, when it is raining heavily, the waterfall is in its peak form and flows from a great height in all its force and might. Known as the 14th largest waterfall in India, the Kune falls from a height of 200 m that is 650 feet approximately.  Being a three-tier waterfall, the highest drop is at about 200 m.  Imagine a stunning, milky white waterfall cascading amidst the breath taking landscapes of the Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra, which is also completely flanked by green foliage–magical, right?  Now this is exactly why people from all over flock to this place. To watch nature in its full glory is an experience of one of its kind and there is nothing like it. And people from the cities who spend most of their times inside offices or stuck in traffic know the value of such serene surroundings. The Kune falls are active even after couple of weeks after monsoon is over and hence if you didn’t know yet where to head to on a weekend, you know where to go.  Exploring places can be done at any time of the year, but to witness the many marvels of nature can be done only during monsoon. So make the most of this season and head to Kune Falls.


Since the falls are located in one of the prime tourist attractions of Maharashtra, you certainly do not have to ponder a lot over your stay options. With so many hotels and resorts and also homestays in both Khanadala  and Lonavala your getaway is going to be a perfect one.  The Orchard Resort(099232 80000), Rainbow Retreat Hotel(088795 11429) and  Zara’s resort(+ 02114 269 163) are some of the best options for you. And all these hotels are located at just 1 km away from the waterfall.


People who are traveling from Mumbai to Kune can take the Mumbai-Pune expressway to reach Lonavala bypass. You also get local transport to Khandala and from there to Kune. If you ask for the Kune church, another tourist attraction, you can reach the waterfalls quickly.