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11 Things that will make every Indian say, ‘THAT IS SO ME’

We Indians are quite similar in a lot many contexts. Here are the 11 thing that will make every Indian say, ‘THAT IS SO ME’:

    1. Ending EACH & EVERY Birthday call with ‘Happy Birthday once again’. (Of course, after the mandatory, ‘Party kahan hai?’) Never grows old.

2. Never handing over your phone to your relatives because you know they will start scrolling through the entire album. So, you hold onto your phone so tightly that they cannot let it out of your clutches.

3. Finishing your tiffin packed for college or office before you reach back home because you can very well comprehend the drama that is going to follow once she comes to know you didn’t have your tiffin today.

4. Hiding your cigarettes and drinks every time a camera shows up to click you. Yes, same story. Smartasses everywhere, I tell you

5. Replying every EXCUSE ME with KYA RE. Courtesy – This movie à Style
Excuse me!
Kya re?
Mera Dil tere pe fida re 😉

6. The excitement of being stuck in traffic because POKEMON GO! So, every time you are on road, you hope for jam-packed roads and traffic jams.

7. Every time you are on WhatsApp waiting for a reply from a friend with his chat window open, you keep opening up their display picture after every 2 seconds. Because NO PATIENCE, mayn!

8. Fighting for favorite color gems in spite of the fact that all the colors taste EXACTLY same. Cadbury gems have apparently turned us KIDS FOR LIFE!

9. Bursting into Bhangra moves, every time you hear ‘Tunak Tunak Tun, Tunak Tunak Tun, Tara Ra’. This song clearly brings out everyone’s Punjabi side naturally and we embrace it like a BOSS!

10. Licking Maggi off the plates so that there is not even a single micro particle left. So, apparently the before and after Maggi plates look stunningly similar. All thanks to our TONGUES!

11. Licking a bit of Maggi tastemaker every time you make Maggi. Yes, again a national activity. It’s yum, without a doubt!