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12 Reasons you must Visit Leh-Ladakh Atleast once in your Life

Located at an average altitude of 3000 meters above the sea level, Ladakh is one of those destinations which are found on almost every backpacker’s bucket list. No words or pictures could possibly describe its beauty .Travelers, in huge numbers, from all across the globe, throng to Ladakh to enjoy the natural setting of the cold desert. Thus, Ladakh is a perfect & desirous destination to enjoy rejuvenating vacation in India. ‘Leh Ladakh’ – in some best terms ‘A life in a paradise’, is a travel GOAL of each and everyone out there.

A goal that will dependably stay carved in an explorer’s psyche; Ladakh is not simply one more goal but rather is a crosscut to a scene that is a cut of isolation on Earth. If you are still finding reasons to visit Ladakh, there are  umpteen reasons that will not only make your trip memorable but also a lifetime experience.

About the location of Ladakh : This travel destination mesmerizes its tourist with its breathtaking location. To the south, lies the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram Range lies in the north. As you have activated your imagination, let me tell you the top  reasons for why you should consider Ladakh as your next travel destination :

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1) It’s Boundless lovely beauty : The Ladakh locale is a good country that is layered in ghostly of red, orange, dark colored, green, and dim with vast precious stone blue water bodies. It is remote, grim, without a doubt – yet there is furthermore an astonishing wonder, a remarkable quality view. The tough scene under the stark blue sky, adjusted by snow peaked pinnacles and some rich green patches of vegetation along the valleys shaped by the lasting streams together make for a strange picturesque magnificence. So on the off chance that you are as yet suspecting that Ladakh is only an infertile scene… I’m perplexed; you will miss the asylum in paradise.

2) Trekkable peaks and mountain passes :  Ladakh is quite popular for certain trekkable pinnacles like Stok Kangri, Nun-Kun, and Kang-Yatse. Despite the likelihood that you think it is hard for you to get acclimatized to the high tallness of 6,000 meters or more… you got those chronicled mountain passes that used to be the trade courses a significantly long time back among India and China. There is best prevalent viewpoint of the distant valleys and remote towns tucked in the midst of the Trans-Himalayan degrees. A part of the noteworthy mountain passes are the Kardung La, Tanglang La, Chang La, Wari La, and Namshang La. The view of the entire region around these passes is awesome.

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3) Walk Over Water (frozen of course!) : You can have great adventure ,walking over the ice. But it can be only done in winters , when the Zanskar River freezes. During this duration of 30-45 days ,you can go for the Chadar trek which is considered to be one of the most challenging and beautiful treks on earth. Another option is to walk over the beautiful Pangong Lake which freezes over in winters.

Also, there are quite a few lakes in Ladakh, but the one that attracts tourists from far flung regions is Pangong Lake. This lake is located at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters and the beautiful villages of Thiksey and Shey surrounds the lake. The tourists are also amazed by the breathtakingly panoramic views of the surrounding especially in summers.

4) The magnetic and native celebration:  Ladakh is  a land of fairs and festivities. These celebrations are not starting late extraordinary and emerge in their own particular conduct, nonetheless on the off chance that it trigger the voyager inside you. There is a staggering vibe of custom that heads out the gifted soul. In addition, you ought to get and welcome the show execution, which is a blend of drums and trumpets, and thumping attempts of the secured Lamas.’

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5) Yummy local cuisines : The cuisines in Ladakh is simple, yet delightful. The neighboring bistros serve momos that are cooked with just a subtle sign of flavors, and you can find magnificent comfort in a bowl of thukpa (soup and noodles).

6) Monasteries: Ladakh is not only a place for adventure seekers and action lovers, the place is also a paradise for people looking for a religious tour. The destination is dotted with various Monasteries and Stupas. Some of the popular and worth visiting monasteries are Thiksey Monastery, Hemis Monastery and Spituk Monastery. This travel destination also depicts its cosmopolitan persona as Muslim mosques and Hindu temples are also featured here.

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7) Rafting : If you love action, then you are in a region that is blessed with the natural setting, apt for various adventurous sports. Enjoy rafting through the captivating landscapes and do not miss to sight the tall peaks. Thus, for the enthralling experience ever, do not miss river rafting in Ladakh.

8) Far from the Hi-tech life, live like a wanderer! : Did you ever imagine your life without Technology? Never right! Imagine it once, try to live a life with other than innovation, progress, and foundation. You will for sure venture into the boundless expanse of nature.

What about a piece of your life spending at the Hunder Sand Dunes? It is past your fantasies. The great outdoors in Hunder Sand Dunes makes you have an inclination that you are living like a traveler.

9) Save your money with low-priced Accommodations : Ladakh is one such goal where you will spend much ongoing than hotels. You will for sure find smooth and clean rooms in Leh starting at just Rs. 600, despite in the midst of the zenith guest season. By then you find comfort in some area towns in the Ladakh locale and experience the close-by culture all through your excursion. In addition, you have a lot of choices for outdoors in Ladakh.

10) An awesome chance to allow yourself to free in the barren panorama : Also, when you can manage the cost of your sound wellbeing to that height then why not to spend more and investigate the fruitless and rough magnificence that is scattered all through the locale. It is districts where you can take in some natural air… let go all the exhaustion and investigate the untraceable scene of Ladakh.

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11) For the ones, who have passion for riding bikes !! : If you are an explorer on wheels, the aslant streets winding through the infertile mountains will give you a chance to adapt your driving abilities. The drive from Manali to Leh, crossing a portion of the most elevated engine capable mountain goes on the planet; an endeavor through Khardung La to Nubra Valley; and an exciting trip from Leh to Srinagar… are a portion of the best courses in Ladakh locale where you can whizz and snake through the mountains capes.

Last, but not the least : If you want to limber up your photography skills: The mountains capes, deserts capes and waterways capes by and large offer an awesome picturesque edge to flexible up your photography abilities. So you have an opportunity to click innumerable real minutes. Not to miss minutes are the radiant skylines, unplugged scenes, natural life, and culture and shimmering blue lakes.’

These are just a few of the many reasons why you must visit Leh-Ladakh. But remember, those who are willing to endure some hardships can only witness the beauty of this land when it is wrapped in layers of ice. The reward is truly fantastic and awe-inspiring!! So Guys , What are you waiting for ? Pack your bags for the adventurous trip & to witness the undisputed beauty @Leh-Ladakh !!