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16 Things That Make Indian Girls Abnormally Best



‘Triya Charitra’ refers to women in India which means ‘unpredictable nature of  a woman’. It simply means no one knows what happening in the woman’s head. They exist in world with so many on going characters  simultaneously in their lives. Sincere, Pretty, Innocent and Dramebaaz, are the terms that can easily relate to every Indian Girl. She issanskaari yet modern; Bindass yet shy. Here are 16 things that makes every Indian girl stand out in the crowd:




1. She has the highest Emotional Quotient, and an IQ that puts yours to shame.

No one in the world can beat Indian girls in terms of emotions coz Indian girls have ‘Bhar Bhar ke Emotions’, she can cry for others’ problems and even be happy in others happiness. And not just the emotions, she is way more intelligent than anyone else.



2. She is the source of Strength and Endurance.

No one can ever beat her in physical and emotional strength; she can stand strong in any earth-shattering situations.




3. You can never win an argument with the Indian Girl.

Dare to debate with any Indian and she will surely defeat you!



4.  She is multi-talented.

From household work to office work, she is the best at everything! And the best part is there is no sign of tiredness on her face.



5. She is awesome at Bargaining.

Anyhow, and in any condition, she will bargain and get the things she wants for a super discount!


6. She can be the best Spy ever

Her intelligence and curiosity to know things makes her the best spy.



7. She will always have something juicy to tell you and keep boredom at bay.

Her continuous Bakkar Bakkar makes everyone enjoy her company. You will never feel bored with her around as she has so much to talk about!


8. She can leave Kareena Kapoor behind in terms of ‘Nautanki’ and ‘Drama’.

She has so many expressions for every little thing and her Nautanki behaviour makes it the best!



9. She is a walking, talking calendar.

Her memory power is infinite; she remembers each and every occasion with the right date and time.


10. She will always blush when you compliment her

Her blush is most attractive thing in the world. You could just fall in love with her for that!



11. She can adjust anywhere, and in any situation.

Her ability to make the best out of the worst situations will never cease to surprise you.


12. She can spread joy and happiness all around, no matter how sad and broken she is on the inside.

She has her own daily struggles, despite which she wonderfully still masks her sadness, just to make others happy.



13.  She is happy with whatever she has and she’s never shallow.

She always sees the part of glass that is full instead of the part that is empty. She sees happiness in every little thing. And never have any complains about others.


14. She looks her best in ethnic dresses. 

That simple look makes her look super gorgeous, and she doesn’t even need to put on inches of makeup to look pretty. Just a simple Indian dress is enough to steal your heart away.



15. She is the reason behind her Man’s success.

She is the motivator and perfect guide for her Man. And it is her efforts that makes her Man successful and happy.


16. She makes the best daughter, wife and mother.

Her love for family is never ending, whether it’s for her own parents, or for her husband and his family, or her kids. Nobody can compete with her when it comes to giving love.