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5 Exercises That Can Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is very common. It can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle (sitting all day at your desk) or a rigorous workout schedule.  You also can experience back pain from a bad mattresses, poor posture, standing too much, repetitive movements  or pregnancy. If you are experiencing back pain, you aren’t alone.The back is literally involved in every movement. Even if you aren’t doing a ‘back exercise,’ , the back is still anchoring and stabilizing to support all arm gestures, core exercises, balance work and leg moves.

A strong, well-conditioned back is better at withstanding stress and protecting the spine .Some workouts, like the following ones, are better  to heal an aching back or preventing pain in the first place.

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1) Walking: A simple walk could be as effective as specific strength training. Try a stroll in the morning, during lunch, or after dinner a few days a week, and if you can, increase your mileage/pace  which will  raise your heart rate  and  increase the flow of blood  to your back. Besides reducing back pain, walking for just 15 minutes also has amazing health benefits.


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2) Cycling : Some people may feel that  cycling causes back pain but if done correctly,it can of great help. Sometime,fatigue changes how bicyclists move, causing them to spread their knees and bend forward more. The more tired they get, the worse their back posture becomes. However, many upright and reclining bikes help riders avoid this painful position.Distribute some weight to your arms (while keeping your chest raised) to avoid back strain.

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3) Yoga : Yoga  helps strengthen the back, and  relaxes the muscles that carry pain-triggering stress. People with lower back pain specifically may benefit from stretching the hamstring muscles trying poses like a forward bend, or the classic downward-facing dog. Yoga’s gentle stretches increase blood flow to your back, which can help heal strains. If you have back pain, try a yoga class for beginners and let the instructor help you further.


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4)  Hydrotherapy : When you have chronic back pain, exercise is often easier with a splash because the water minimizes stress on the back. . Many gyms offer pool classes like Aqua Fit ( a cardiovascular water workout designed to improve strength,) or Aqua Zumba,.  If you’re hitting the water solo, simple low-strain exercises can do the trick. Related image

5) Pilates: This combination of stretching and strengthening exercises is commonly recommended for those with back pain because it builds up the body’s core and mobilizes the spine. The person performing pilates notes increase  in physical functioning, better overall health, less pain-induced disability,  lower functional disability and average pain intensity .


As always, consult with your doctor or physical therapist to know what’s right for your type of back pain. Did you find relief with these five exercises? I’d love to hear from you below!