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5 Ways To Make This Raksha Bandhan Amazing For Your Sister


Raksha Bandhan, celebrates the bond of love and care, the purest of the pure form of love, the love shared between a brother and a sister. From cousins to buas to mamas to sisters, the time of Raksha Bandhan is indeed the time that honors the entity called family.

Every sister wants amazing gifts on rakhi, and sometimes it’s tedious for brothers to pick a gift. So here we are, to make it a little easier for you, and extravagant for your sisters, presenting to you, 5 Ways To Make This Rakhi Amazing For Your Sister.


A Brother Sister Day-out

Sisters can be demanding, sisters can be cranky, but sisters are who will stay by your side, forever, no matter what. Hence they deserve something special. So if you haven’t had a chance to spend some ‘quality’ time with your sister recently, make the Rakhi amazing for her, by planing a Brother Sister Day-out. Take her to her favorite restaurant, watch her favorite movie, take her on a one day trip into the hills, watch the soothing sunset with her, and the smile on her face at the end of the day will be something you wouldn’t forget ever.



A Support to Help Her Stand On Her Feet

There is no better gift than getting support for what you want to do from your brother. This Raksha Bandhan, talk to your sister, talk about what she thinks, talk about what she needs, talk about what she wants from her life. Support her in the new step she’s thinking to take. With your support, chances of her succeeding would increase immensely.


Surprise Visit

If you’re that kind of a brother who stays away from his parents and family, and you can’t usually celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your sister, then it’s time to sweep the ground from under her feet away, by paying her a surprise visit.

The happiness of celebrating the festival which celebrates the bond a brother and sister share, with your own brother after a surprise visit from him, is the best Rakhi gift a sister can ever get.




DIY letters

If you can’t spend this Raksha Bandhan with your sister due to some reasons, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it utterly special for her.

Show your immense love for your sister, by sending her handwritten letters, which could be opened on different occasions, for example ‘Open when you need your elder brother’ or ‘Open when you won the tennis tournament’.  These letters will stay with her, when you’re not there, and will be her most prized possession.


Gift Hamper

For all those hi-fi gift loving sisters, it’s always difficult for their brothers to find something that they would love. But not anymore! We’re here with the solution. Gift Hamper! That’s right. Gift your sister everything she needs from eye-liner to bangles to a cocktail dress (of course whatever fits your budget :p), and see her eyes glitter with excitement and happiness.



Have a great Raksha Bandhan!