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6 Ways Auto-Drivers Annoy Passengers in India

Apparently, India is one such country where the auto-drivers are the kings of the street. Whatever they say, you have to just get along otherwise good luck walking down to your office (Wink). Seems like, they have inherited the famous ‘superwoman’ one liner – Like a boss, quite LITERALLY. Following are the 6 annoying ways of auto-drivers in India which you have to deal with on a daily basis:

  1. Their heart-to-heart chat sessions with friends on road: Seemingly Auto-drivers have friends and acquaintances in each and every part of the city. Sometimes, they step out of the vehicle for a long lost catch-up and sometimes two auto driver suddenly strike a conversation while driving at the same speed. TOO MUCH LOVE!

2. They play the most irritating music: *Saat Samundar Paar Main Tere Peeche Peeche Aagyi* 90 percent of the time auto drivers will play songs like these and the other 10 percent of the time when there is a song of our choice on the radio, it will take him a nanosecond to change it. SUCH BULLISHNESS!

3. They will deny you a ride if you don’t have a change:
You: Bhaiya, andheri west chaloge?
Auto-driver: ae, chutta chutta chutta, chutta hai na?
You: Nahi bhaiya!
Auto-driver: *silent abuses* Leaves in a nanosecond
Also, God bless you if you ask him to keep the change. Damn, bro! You just hurt his self-respect and now brace yourself for a lecture.

4. They curse the taxi drivers way TOO much: Just like the older generation curse the younger generation at being good for nothing (as per them), you will see every auto driver cursing Uber and OLA drivers for all the traffic jams.

5. They laugh they give when you ask them to go by meter: You must have realized by now that meter in Indian autos have been there just as an installation and should not be taken seriously AT ALL.

6. Their mini conversations with traffic police: Just to be in the good books of the traffic constables of India (keeping in view their corrupt reputation among auto drivers), these auto drivers will stop just around them for a sweet exchange of words and gives them an access card to come and have a close look at us with that you-seem-like-a-terrorist face.