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8 Best Places to Visit in India in October

As the monsoon get over, with clearer skies, the holiday season in India kicks off in October. With festivals like Dusshera and national holidays like Gandhi Jayanti falling this month, October is the perfect time to visit most of the parts of India as it’s neither too hot, nor too cold and foggy and the rains are rare. If you are looking for destinations in India to be visited in October.

1. Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh: Witness the beautiful October sunrise!

The only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is often known as the queen of the Satpura ranges. With the weather becoming just about right for the enchanting views, holidays in October are a good time to visit Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi in October, Best Places to Visit in India in October

2. Kutch, Gujarat: Spend an October night in huts amidst the white sand deserts

One of the most surreal places in India, with a white salt desert and beautiful moonlight nights, Kutch lies in the western most part of India and it shares a boundary with Pakistan. With deserts, oasis, beaches, heritage palaces, delicious food, religious temples, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. all in the same district, Bhuj including Kutch is one of the few destination in India that offers almost everything. Kachch looks even more surreal on full-moon nights with light falling on the white salt desert . The beauty of the place and pleasant weather makes it one of the best places to visit in India in October.


Kutch, Gujarat places to visit in october, Best Places to Visit in India in October

3. Hampi, Karnataka: Capture the marvel of the ruins this October!

One of the 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagar Empire in 13th century with magnificient temples and architectural wonders. The city is in ruins now, but it serves as one of the most interesting places in India to hangout with good weather and ambience to spend some time away from the cities. If you’re looking for a quick getaway from Bengaluru for a weekend in October, Hampi is only an overnight train ride away.

Hampi, Best Places to Visit in India in October

Achyutaraya Temple, Hampi, Karnataka (Source)

4. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh: Amazing October weather and landscape!

Perfect for an offbeat holiday, Ziro is a small town in eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. Surrounded by hills on the sides with lush green paddy fields in the town,  mostly inhabited by the Apa Tani Tribes. If you missed the Ziro music festival in September, and want to see what is this beautiful hidden gem that everyone is talking about, October holidays are the right time to visit Ziro with monsoon season over and winters just starting to set in.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh places to visit in october, Best Places to Visit in India in October

Ziro in October

5. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: Enjoy the adrenaline rush this October

One of the most amazing adventure hubs in India, Rishikesh along with its twin city Haridwar is also of prime religious importance. If you are planning to go for bungee jumping or for river rafting, holidays in October are an ideal time to visit Rishikesh before the weather gets too chilly.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand visit in october, Best Places to Visit in India in October

Rishikesh in October

6. Digha, West Bengal: Balmy weather and volleyball on the beach

Considered to be the most beautiful beach in West Bengal, Digha is a popular weekend getaway from Kolkata. With summers and monsoons ending and weather getting better in October, Digha has lazy afternoons and pleasant evenings in October. Post-Durgo-Pujo festivities in September-October, spending the weekend in Digha could be a great option to relax.

Digha, West Bengal trips for october, Best Places to Visit in India in October

Digha in October

7. Wayanad, Kerala: Get personal with Nature this October

A quick escape from the city life of Bengaluru at around 250 kms distance, Wayanad is great for a peaceful weekend getaway, especially in October. Wayanad is located in Northern Kerala and it borders Karnataka to its west. A trip to Wayanad is incomplete without a trek to the Chembra peak and Wayanad National park. The weather becomes just fine in October in Wayanad for a good holiday experience.


Wayanad, Kerala travel trek in october, Best Places to Visit in India in October

Wayanad in October

8. Ganpatipule, Maharashtra: Enjoy a brisk walk and take a bow at the only Ganpati temple on a beach!

One of the few beach towns in Maharashtra with gorgeous beaches, white sand shores, forts, temples and a lighthouse, Ganpatipule is one of the quietest towns which sees very little tourists compared to other famous beaches like Goa, Kashid, Alibaug, etc. After the rainfall reduces by September, Ganpatipule becomes one of the best places to visit in India in October as it is the first month when people start coming back to the town. Mumbai folks, if you’re bored of the crowded beaches, a trip to Ganpatipule-Ratnagiri is going to be a welcome change.

Ganpatipule, places near Mumbai for october, Best Places to Visit in India in October

Ganpatipule in October