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8 Most Hilarious Desi Brands Of India

Indians can surpass everyone in the field of creativity. They can produce the most amazing out of the box and unique ideas unlike the people of any other nation. Don’t believe me? Well, I have all the legit proofs that will make you agree with me.

Listing down 8 most Hilarious Desi brands thought-off, produced and executed exclusively by the most creative people of India (PUN Intended):


images (1) gogola4

    1. GOGOLA: These ice-candies come straight from the Google headquarters in India and not to forget, they are made with mineral water, guys! Awww, they care aout us so much! Go, Gola! *Tears of happiness*

2. ABIBAS: Indian version of ‘Adidas’. Pretty creative, right? I mean just look at the precision with which they have copied the logo. How realistic! WOW stuff, man!

fakeadidas2   fakeadidas

3. STARBUCKS RESTAURANT: I know, I know! You all must have had a coffee at Starbucks on your visit to other countries but hello! This restaurant is just way better. In spite of limiting themselves to just coffee, they opened up a WHOLE restaurant. How thoughtful!

fake starbucks

4. COMA: Indian version of ‘Puma’. Just look at the logo. So Innovative. They just gave an entire spin to the original logo and it looks oh-so-fresh. Right?


5. FcDONALDS: After years of eating at Mc Donalds, everyone had gradually got bored of it. That’s when the founders of Fc Donalds came up with a revolutionary idea of turning Mc Donalds into Fc Donalds. Salute, boss! And, it was inaugurated by Reitesh Deshmukh & Pulkit Samrat. Even our actors support our endeavors.



6. SFC: Exclusively by Punjabis and for Punjabis. KFC turned to SFC. Again, a very thoughtful idea since you get fish and plus you get to see some very handsome sardars. *Wink*


7. FACEBOOK CHAATWALA: It only happens in India where you cleverly put to use the most famous brands in an entirely different way. And yes, he serves many different social media savories. Don’t forget to pay a visit.


8. APPLE SUITS: We all have witnessed models after models of extremely expensive I-phones but now Indians have come up with Apple suits and also at very affordable rates as opposed to the expensive Steve Jobs business.