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8 Problems Faced By Every Indian Girlfriend

Angry Indian couple having an argument in their living room
Relationships are not always just about those 3 magical words.
Every relationship has to go through various ups and downs, because that’s what love is all about understanding, sacrifices and standing beside each other during the moments of happiness as well as the hard times. So we talk about some of the problems faced by every Indian girlfriend. So boys check out this post. IT’S A MUST!
1. Love Overdose 
Every woman loves to be protected, pampered and loved and wants a man who is possessive for her. But excess of everything is detrimental. Sometimes men tend to get over possessive and over protective in certain situations and this makes a woman feel very afflictive.
2. Not getting a call back
Now this is something every girl will relate to; when your guy doesn’t answer your calls or skips calling you back. We can very well imagine your level of anger. Girlies this can be something really irritating but it is pardonable.
3. Those friends he doesn’t like
There will be definitely one male friend of yours or even multiple of them he doesn’t like you hanging around with. But these are the little sacrifices you should make for him and for your relationship to go smooth and steady.
4. Silent Treatment
Many a times rather than shouting their lungs out, women prefer giving silent treatment to men in the hope that they will realize what wrong they have done. But men usually fail to understand this silence no matter how obvious their fault maybe. So it’s a tough task to make them admit guilt.
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5. Forced Restrictions
Some men try to control their partner’s life by putting upon them various restrictions and women forcefully or maybe out of love fulfill their demands like dressing according to their wish or avoiding some social gatherings and parties simple because they don’t like it. Now that’s something no woman would like.
6. Expectations are killer
Women tend to expect too much in a relationship and mostly end up being disappointed. It’s not fair as well to expect too much from someone as everyone has a different and unique manner of expressing their love.Respect that.
7. Wedding bells
And you’ve just crossed your 20s when your family and relatives start asking about when you plan to get married. Being a girl this is a difficult matter to handle, because now it’s time to reveal to your family that you’ve found your man and how they would react is the most fearful thought that haunts a girl.maxresdefault
8. Angry Birds
Women tend to lose temper on little issues easily.Women when disappointed become either too emotional or angry even on petty issues which makes it difficult for men to handle.They also go through mood swings very frequently which may sometimes infuriate men.