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8 Reasons Why Having a Desi Indian Friend is the Best Thing!


Desi Indian Friends are the most enjoyable people to be with. The rarely found weird combination of carefree attitude and warm nature makes them the coolest peeps to hang out with. Even the hostility that their families provide is unmatchable by the people of any country around the world. India is a diverse country with a change in culture, traditions and language every 50 kms. Inspite of this, there are some traits that are common in all the people throughout India.

Here are the topmost 8 reasons why it is absolutely amazing to have a Desi Indian Friend:


  1. You get to learn the most stunning dance moves that you can use to impress anyone around the globe. Also, it helps you be a star at any party or a get together.

2. You get to enjoy brilliant Indian delicacies as every woman in an Indian household has an inbuilt talent of cooking. Also, the excessive use of spices increases your tolerance for spices as well because in India, there can never be a delicacy without spices.

3. You get to learn the most swaggy slang words used in all parts of India and not to forget the uber classy curse words as well without which a desi is not a desi at all.

4. A Desi Indian friend helps you acknowledge the joy little things bring in life such as the gravity of conversations over a cup of chai, a get together at home with friends and family and many such things.

5. Having a Desi Indian friend is the most rewarding when you get to witness a big fat Indian wedding. There is nothing like an Indian wedding jam packed with goodness of authentic Indian culture. It’s an absolute bliss to witness generations of family celebrating together.

6. Every Indian has a special place for Bollywood in his/her life. Once in life, he/she will make you watch a Bollywood movie and I am sure that’s when you’ll realize you have missed something all this while.



7. Having an Indian friend is always beneficial because you get to learn two different languages. First is the official language, Hindi and other one being their local language, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc. We are equally good at English too. *Wink*


8. Indians are a pro at bargaining. When you visit a market and if you have an Indian friend along, you are going to have a really smooth run.