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8 Things That Can Only Happen In Indian Weddings



Just when you are informed that you have one coming up, you are filled with immense excitement and sheer joy because anyone who has attended a desi Indian wedding knows the kind of enjoyment it brings with itself. I love Desi Indian weddings for a million reasons so, the idea struck me to jot down 10 things that happen exclusively at desi Indian weddings to reminisce all the fun, frolic and laughter times.


1. Lots and lots of food – Tons of sweet, sour, salty and bitter savories here and there. In fact, 90 % of the crowd shows up only because of food and that is clearly portrayed through the plates stuffed with every single item cooked for the day.

2. Hyper-excited Baraati Dance: The major attraction of a Desi Indian wedding is the ‘Baraati Dance’ and the most surprising discovery I have done at such weddings is ‘EVERYBODY CAN DANCE’. Even aunties are seen shaking their booties to the wedding songs.

3. The ‘Chup-chupke’ drinks: At all Desi Indian weddings, cousins are seen sneaking from their parents to grab a drink or two together. Then the acquired energy is showcased at the dance Floor!

4. Chalta-firta All the aunties become a walking RISHTA.COM all of a sudden at a desi Indian wedding. They look upon a beautiful young woman or handsome young man as their prey and that’s how the stalking starts.

5. Lost and Found Department: Every house in an Indian desi wedding turns into a lost and found department during the weddings which is more of just Lost and lost because literally everything goes missing no matter how organised you are!

6. 2-3 exclusive wedding songs: Every DJ-wala in a Desi Indian wedding will always play songs which have the exclusive copyrights of being played at an Indian wedding which includes ‘Saadi Rail Gaddi Aayi’, ‘Taare Gin Gin’ and the most famous ‘Lagavelu Jab Lipistick-Lollypop’.

7. Meeting non-existent relatives: You get to meet numerous relatives on desi Indian weddings that have been non-existent till now. You have never heard of them, you have never seen them before but you do get to see them and ‘Pairi-Pona’ them at an Indian wedding.

8. Generations together: And finally, the most beautiful thing that you witness at a desi Indian wedding is the celebrations that takes place by generations of family together as one. “Hum Saath-Saath Hain”
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