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8 times Indian Politicians posters made us laugh

Politics has always been one big goof-up in itself. There are times when our politicians statements make us laugh and sometimes their attires (Reference- Kejriwal’s garmi mein bhi sardi ka ehsas). Just anything about them or related to them, turns out into a reasonable laughing stock. Today, we have compiled a list of 8 times Indian Politicians posters made us laugh:

  1. Birthday wishes on a poster? Oh, I forgot we are talking about politics. Well, all this MLA of Andhra Pradesh, Mr Ranga Reddy wanted was to wish his chief minister, N Kiran Kumar Reddy on his birthday but apparently it got misfired as the poster says HORRIBLE, instead of HONOURABLE.


2. Apparently Shirish Chandra Dubey, a Congress leader from Phulpur, Allahabad also thinks that the responsibilities of congress are too much to handle by Mr Rahul Gandhi alone and Ms Sonia Gandhi has turned old and sick. Speaks our mind, isn’t it? Seems more like sugar coated sarcasm.


3. This Phosphorus New year (Prosperous New Year) wish by Mr Sanjay Bhai R Turde would have surely resulted in a chemical reaction.


4. This Congress worker Ms Prakash Devi Pahadiya has her idea of targeting all religions really messed up because what she doesn’t know is that Muslims mourn on the day of Muharram and not really ‘celebrate’ it. Little knowledge is dangerous for health.


5. You can pretty much get an idea about the popularity of Amma in the state of Tamil Nadu when the poster is showing US President Barack Obama bowing down in front of her.


6. Keeping this poster in consideration, we can make out that Amma ji is truly the saviour who can save the state she loves immensely from any natural calamity. Bahubali – 0, Amma – 1.


7. Long Leave our Be Love Leader. Everything about this sentence is just utter mess. MLA M Krishnappa’s supporters apparently figured out a way to kills two sparrows with one arrow. Live or Leave?


8. Amma ji is actually really very popular, you see? Even Kim Jon Un, Chinese PM, Obama, Putin and the like are seen applauding Amma ji for her persistence and dedication towards making Tamil Nadu a better place to live (for the wrong-doers, yes!)