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9 Tips For Indian Men To Attract Women

Who does not like to look good? Of course everyone does, good looks are not just restricted till women, even men want to hold on to their youth. Gone are the days when grooming just included shaving, bath and clean clothes.

You are not supposed to make it a big deal to go under the knife, no need to spend thousands of bucks on grooming. Some simple tips can do wonders.

Her are some few simple tips which will help you look young and handsome:


download-71. Cover those greys- are you conscious about those new greys sprouting up? Get them covered whenever you visit your hairstylist next. Some highlights would help them to hide.


images-122. Well maintained beard- get your beard trimmed on time, unmaintained beard will make you look unhealthy and scary. Get t trimmed and show off your jaw line, girls die for that.

images-143. Smell good- use perfume but don’t bath with it, you need to smell good not annoy the other person with a strong smell. Having a signature smell is very important. People might feel your presence with the smell only.


download-54. Don’t forget about your hygiene- your hygiene plays an important role. No woman likes to sit with a stinky guy.Cut your nails timely, long nails attract lot of germs.

images-155. Roll up your sleeves-rolling your sleeves up can do a magic on your girl. Show off your forearms and let them do their job of impressing.


sleeves-600x3776. Wear what is comfortable with you- wear clothes that fit well and are comfortable for you. No need to try different style just to impress others and ending up with goof ups.

download-67. Good posture- Don’t slouch. Stand straight, good posture will make you feel more confident.


images-138. Kick those bad habits- smoking will reduce the elasticity of your skin and you may end up looking old. It might a tedious task to quit smoking, but worth the sacrifice.

download-49. Oral health- stained teeth are an indication of bad grooming habits. Best way is to go for regular dental checkups and cleanings in every six months.