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7 Changes That You Will Experience After Getting Married

Marriage is the birth of a beautiful bonding between a man and a woman. As you step into the journey of your married life which is full of ups and downs ,there will be numerous changes that take place in your life which you will gradually come across as time passes by.
1. Change in your Priorities
Friends used to be your number one but those days are gone now. Your priorities take a shift after marriage. You might prefer dining out with your spouse and your in laws rather than partying with your friends. Your partner and your family is your focus of attention now. Their needs and requirements have to be put first before anything else.

2. Dreams and Ambitions

You’re sharing your life with your partner so of course you share and combine your dreams and ambitions as well. Sometimes you might have to give up your goals as well for the sake of your partner, As that is what marriage is all about; sacrifices.

3. You feel more Secure
We’ve all had those bitter and lonely days when there was no shoulder to cry upon. But now bid adieu to those lonely days as now your partner is always by your side. You feel highly secure as you can entirely entrust upon your partner for anything and everything.

4. Rise in your responsibilities
Earlier you always had the support of your parents but things about face after marriage. Now your parents expect you to support them and also become more responsible as you have your partner to take care of as well now. Your responsibilities and duties rise now.

5. Collective decision making
At each step of your life while taking any kind of decision; You are expected to consult your partner first. Decisions are then taken collectively with mutual trust and understanding.


ranbirkatrinaengaged7001                              6. Your finances
You might have never paid much attention towards savings and investment before marriage. But as you begin to share your life with your partner you get to know the significance of money. You now need to pay serious attention towards decisions regarding your finances.

7. `I’ to `WE’
Marriage is that  journey in which by the passage of time you learn that now life is not just about you it’s about both of you. You might have to give up things in life for your partner’s sake. For a woman this journey is even more challenging as she leaves behind her family and enters into a whole new world.