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In This Village You’ll Find An Airplane On Every Terrace

We are living in a world, where the status of a person is revealed through the things he owns and not through his personality. While every other thing, from iphone to handbags to shoes, to luxury cars to every single thing screams the status of a person, have you ever imagine that a water tank can be used to show the status of a person?

No, we are not joking, this is what happens in this village, called Lambra which is situated in Jalandhar, where the water tanks placed on the roofs of the houses reveals the status of the person. A person is rich or not can be easily estimated through the water tanks stored on the roofs of their building.

You will be shocked to know that these water tanks aren’t like the ordinary water tanks. The water tanks are in the shape of airplanes. From small to big to huge, you will find airplanes standing on the roof of every house in this village.

Not just in Jalandhar but all the nearby villages like Uppla, Kapurthala, Hoshiyarpur and Doaba also have water tanks in the shape of airplanes, kangaroos, pressure cookers, etc.

In this village, some people have made the water tanks either because of their own wishes and some people have built them for show-off purpose. But we will tell you a very interesting thing in the shape of these water tanks.

Is any member of the family is in the army, then the shape of the water tank will be in the form of army tank like this :

If any member of the family is an NRI or is living somewhere far, then the shape of the water tank is in the form of airplanes, like this:

These water tanks have become a part of the history as well. You will find different shapes of water tanks in this village. You will also find water tanks made in the form of statue of Mai Bhaago, also known as Mata Bhaag Kaur, who was a Sikh woman who fought with the Mughals in the year 1705. She fought with bravery and killed many enemies.

When this lion shaped water tank was build, many villagers got offended. Actually, what happened was, 82-year-old Gurudev Singh made his own sculpture sitting on top of the lion.

Villagers got offended as they believed only Goddess Durga can sit on the lion. The sculpture of Gurudev Singh was removed immediately but the lion is still standing strong.

Such a creative and colorful village this is. Next time you visit Punjab, don’t forget to visit village Lambra in Jalandhar to experience such creativity.