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Makers Of These Movies Were Arrested For Various Reasons

A good horror movie is the best cure for boredom. Horror movies exploit the primal fear, revulsion, and the terror of the viewers to elicit an emotional response. The horror genre evolved from the macabre and supernatural themed movies to the nonstop slasher and gore films. Earlier movies contained little gore, but horror films then shifted the emphasis on depictions of torture, suffering and violent deaths which came to be known as the ‘Splatter Film’ or ‘Torture Porn’, a sub-genre of horror. The graphic violence and extreme portrayal of gore, using special effects, corn syrup and smart tricks to present blood on-screen. Many of these gory movies like ‘SAW’, ‘Hostel’ have developed a cult following over time.

While most of the people might find the excessive blood and guts disturbing, there are people who are aroused by such content. This visual stimulation gives them a rush, a kick, puts their body in ‘fight or flight’ reaction, the very sensation makes the movie more enjoyable. While blood, gore, and graphic violence can be overwhelming for some people. Although all the extreme graphic and gore are nothing more than special effects, make up and syrup. But it seems real enough to convince the audience that it’s legitimate. This credulous audience even had resorted to police and authority thinking the films are ‘snuff’.