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10 Kinds Of People You Will Meet at Gym! Happy workout!

‘GYM’, such a common word these days! Millions of Homo sapiens across the globe frequent this urban wilderness. And all those who go to the gym, am sure will relate to this post and those who don’t will get to know a lot about ‘THE GYM LIFE’ as we discuss and tell you different kinds of people you meet at the gym, unique in their own way!



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1. The Screamers
So the first one and the most common are the screamers, they are the ones who shout more than working out and trust me they don’t lift as much as they make all those weird screams. It doesn’t matters what exercise they are doing, those screams are the trend and their way of showing of how hard times they are going through! Relax, Screamer!

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2. The Mirror Magnets
Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Who has gained the most of them all? Probably that’s what all the people who love to see themselves in the mirror ALL the time think. Its good to have self love but don’t you think you have come to the gym to exercise and not show how obsessed you are with the mirror or may be the other way round!
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3. The Big Time Questioner
The type of people who have to ask questions every time they workout, to their fellow gym mates are really annoying, believe me! If you are THAT one gym mate who keeps on asking irrelevant things all the time then you need to stop and if you are the one who is being asked then mate, I feel you!


4. Mr. Know It All
So if there are the inquisitive one’s then there are also the ones who KNOW IT ALL, like literally. These kind of people are the ones who may or may not know anything but have to shower all their correct or incorrect knowledge on everyone, actually IMPOSE it! They surely are a headache to all the members, Can you relate?



5. Ms. Woke up like this, Blah!
So these ladies are always in the ‘ready to shoot’ mode. The ones who have their make-up applied even in the gym! This is a scientific proven fact that one should remove the entire make- up while they workout as it will affect their skin. Hey there ladies, Are you listening? Packup!



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6. The Excuser
We all make excuses for all different things so how can workout be left behind? But as they say ‘No pain, No gain’, we guess it is hard for some people to follow this old saying and hence these people are the ones who have all kinds of excuses for not working out. And off course then they have stories about how working out didn’t help them loose or gain. Hey Excuser, I caught you!


7. Sweat Machines
Okaaaaay, I aint judging you people out there but trust me you people are quite famous in your gyms for spreading all the hydrated vibes, oops! I meant sweat. They are the ones whose sweat you all find on every machine they use and guess what; they aren’t even bothered to clean it after using! Show some manners ya!


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8. The Bird Watchers
They are the ones who join gym just to have a good sight and a gala time watching all the fit and shaped ladies at one place! You will find them wandering here and there and trying to may be impress a girl with all that they possess except for a good body. To all the bird watchers, You know who you are!



9. Tough Competitors
You would totally agree with us on this one, The Competitors are the ones who have this gene of doing more sets than the fellow member even if they don’t need to loose or gain as much as the other one, But they just can’t take a chill pill and HAVE to perform better. Tough Competition you see!



10. Hello there, Singer!
Yes, you got it right. THE SINGERS. They are found in all the gyms singing on the top of their voice and that’s how you spot them. If you ask me about the sight of the other members, all I can say is that they just don’t want to lend their ears ANYMORE!  Please spare the other people, they aren’t there to exercise on your voices, Rihanna serves them better.

These were kinds of people you can easily spot in the gyms and if you are about to join one, you will have an amazing time hunting for them.  And by the way, which one are you amongst them? Tell us in the comments below and hey, I ain’t judging you!