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7 Things Which Proves That The Army Personnel Wives Are the” Strongest”!!!

While Indian soldiers guard the nation against forces adamant to bring it apart, their better-halves do an equally remarkable job of holding the fort back home. The commitment military spouses have for their partners’ important occupation is far more expansive than they can initially expect, and ultimately, they tend to sacrifice just as much of their lives and time to the cause as the ones in uniform.

As mentioned above : Army wives are the silent ranks, standing by their husbands and holding fort while they are away on duty. That’s a pretty important job. And yes, it’s a full-time job to be an Army Wife. The brave ladies are constantly moving and they belong to every place ,the Army takes them, they are experts at packing years up in black painted boxes, they stay away from their husbands for years at a stretch. Although,their love for saris is well known & they are rumored to party like rock-stars but still, they deal with everything in between.

There are a lot of nice perks to being a military spouse — great health insurance, a steady income stream for the family, and even discounted rates at the on-base supermarket, for example. But there are also many unique struggles that the ladies ,who share their lives with servicemen go through behind the scenes. There are six crucial aspects of an Army wife’s life that outsiders may not know. Sure, you’ve heard it all. But do you really know how they deal with it? Do you want to know? Well, here you go:



  • Duty calls, and how : This one is obvious. This is the husband’s profession, and the job requirement is such that the duty calls are, and will always be, over and above everything else. Definitely, the Army is the first wife who demands a lot of attention and gets it each time. Add to it the dangerous job description and the inability to plan a holiday or even a family function, because duty can call literally anytime. Pretty daunting, right? But, brave wives learn to deal with this. They learn to respect their husband’s profession, the challenges it comes with and the demands it makes. And though ,poor wives may sometime crib about not getting enough time with the husband but still, all of them are pretty damn proud of their husband’s profession.


  • Separations will test their mettle :As a result of their husband’s continuously moving jobs, they will either get tired of living like a single mom every two years or so, or they will realize that distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Seriously, their civilian friends will never understand how tough it is to pack their life in few boxes every two years and move to SF (Separate Family) — a term that I assume all Army wives hate as much as they fear the words ambush attack. For sure, separation is never easy & these proud ladies ,never get used to it. Wives, miss their husbands incredibly, but life has to go on and they don’t think there is any point in discussing it to no end.


  • Constant moving :You’ve heard about it a lot, but you will never understand it until you are an Army wife. It’s mighty tough. And ,it’s just not about the packing and unpacking, the broken crockery and crystal, or the part where husband’s stuff goes to a different station and wives to another. It’s more about leaving the friends part, the having no career part, the kid’s good education and uninterrupted growing up part. Then there are small but still important issues like finding a new tailor and changing your phone number every two years. But ,Army wives have the obvious things covered, and they learn to deal with the separation and the moving. In fact, they start enjoying the life of a constant traveler. But ,leaving behind a life that they struggled to set up is always tough. They may always look forward to the new location, but at the same time, always leave a part of themselves behind.


  • Your career might have to play second fiddle.: For those ,who do have careers ,constant moving can be especially tricky — having to leave their well-settled current jobs & to search for new jobs in new states every few years maybe, or even having to work totally outside their chosen field due to area unavailability or being stationed outside of the country.


  • You might land somewhere you don’t want to be : Let’s face it: Not all military bases are created equal. Some are located in well –planned beautiful cities with all basic & luxurious facilities available to meet your all sort of needs and others are basically smack dab in the middle of nowhere ,away from the main cities ,where even the basic things of daily use are not easily available. Not only does this potentially present a challenge on the career front, but it can also put a strain on a person’s happiness while living in the area.

Sure, there’s the possibility that you’ll get to live somewhere at exotic places and see and do things you never would have otherwise, but there’s also the very real chance you’ll find yourself in a small town with very little that interests you, and your job is to make the best of it. The worst part? You have exactly zero say-so about where you’ll go.

  • They have to handle the kids’ sadness. : Here’s another curveball for mom. Everything’s going great, system is working well, and then, one of children remembers he hasn’t seen his dad in two weeks. Or a month. Or three. And he cries. Or he acts out. And, poor moms have no idea what to say…because they have no idea when he is returning. They would try various cute tricks: every day a Hershey’s Kiss from daddy, a calendar, or a countdown necklace. But it’s all just a sad reminder that someone is missing. Still the army kids are Resilient. Resourceful. Smart. Kind. Helpful. Persistent..Wonder where they learned that??

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  • The Good Bye : KUDOS to the bravest army wives ,who prepares her husband bag & uniform  when he leaves for a battle.She bids him farewell with ‘Vijay Tilak” on his head & wish in her heart for his safe  return at the earliest .She knows well ,that her husband has to be on the border ,fighting and protecting the country from the enemies. Can you  imagine the fear ,  sleepless nights  and excruciating pain ,she goes through when her husband  is struggling with the enemies in battlefield.???And when her husband is back after winning the battle, OMG!! she’s the proudest and the happiest lady on the earth .

Also,for the spouse who arrived at the hospital, heart dropping as she gets the first glimpse of her loved one, battered and bandaged, after being wounded in battle ,it may be  difficult  to  handle herself  but still she feels  herself  to be lucky to see her husband in front of her eyes…

But, Salute to the army wives whose husband never returns back from the battlefield & give away their lives protecting their nation.They live their rest of lives, as the proudest and the bravest wives of their “Shaheed “army husbands.Their husbands keep alive in their hearts giving them strength to move on with their lives  with pride ,courage and firm determination!!

Yes, it’s way harder than everyone thinks…but still these brave heart army wives wouldn’t give it up. This list can be a hundred points longer, I know, so if you have anything else to add to it, feel free. Also, If you’re going to thank your military service member (and you totally should), be sure to give a smile to his spouse, too. They’re doing some tough duty as well. “May 6 marks Military Spouse Appreciation Day, the perfect time to highlight the level of dedication it takes to be married to a service member.”