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10 Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Going Through And Hearing All The Time !

Let me just assume that if you opened up this article then you either yourself is that one tall girl, who finds it too relatable or you must be knowing somebody who is a prey to all the awkward giraffe moments. I, being the latter one; having a best friend who is 5’10”, really wanted to scribble in all her feelings and off course throw a light on how ‘THE TALL GIRLS’ feel when everyone else out there thinks that they are some giant monsters from Jupiter, maybe? Go on, Scroll down and find it for yourself and don’t forget to ask my height later!? *Pun Intended*

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1. Damn! You are tall. What is your height?
Just as amazing as it sounds, being tall can be awkward too, at times! This is the most common question every tall person in this world is asked. For god sake, let them breathe a little in life. Their height won’t be stopping all your air, am sure! This is just the start of how these tall chicks are made to shout their throat out about their height.

BwS1M5XIIAAG08y2. Those right pair of shoes
Just wondering how amazing life would have been for tall people if they found their right size and pair of shoes just like Cinderella! This is such a sad part for all the tall ones out there that it is really difficult to find those right pair of shoes and making them fit in their giant feet which by the way is one hell of a task. Aww my pretty ladies, I feel you!

3. Oh! You are so huge, Your parents must be giant! Is that in your genes?
Argh! You better take your words back, mate! Their parents are just so normal beings, like me and you! I can sense how annoying it would be to answer such questions all the time. The genes factor plays a lot of role but not every time, so stop making this you mandatory question to all the tall girls out there!

20-problems-only-tall-girls-will-understand-64. ‘What’s the weather up there?’
THIS is the most irritating thing you’d say to a person who’s tall. I mean, WHY? Why would you say that? Do you think they are in some weather forecast or something? Or do you seek replies like, ’Bro, It’s snowing till my nose and the neck has a summertime feel!’ If that makes any sense. But on a very serious note, I know how terrible it is to hear such things !

20-problems-only-tall-girls-will-understand-155. High Expectations- Finding a TALL guy!
This is such a tedious task, I tell you! I mean at least I can totally relate to it as it gets really difficult for my bestfriend to find THAT TALL guy! And the icing on the cake are the questions people ask you like ‘would you ever date a short guy?! Or it must be really hard for you to find a tall guy!?’ What do you expect the answer to be? The struggle is real, Brro!?

images (9)6. You are too tall to wear heels!
This is the most awkward thing to say to a girl who possesses a looooot of height already! But just like short girls who HAVE to wear heels, Tall girls feel like wearing them too and what do you people want, that they should wear flats all the time? Or walk barefoot? Or even better lay down and walk maybe? Stop telling them not to wear heels, because honestly, It’s none of your business!

images (10)7. What sports do you play? Must be good in all of them!
It may be a possibility that the height has something to do with the sports you play BUT not everyone out there is a player or engaged in some sports! Stop annoying them by asking if that height is because of some sports or what sports do they play!? It sucks.

6fcdf0629975c48cef2259c6782360688. Mirror, Mirror on the wall!?
One of the major problems that tall girls face is seeing their whole self in the mirror at one point of time! So if you are in some place where the height of the mirror is probably kept just to entertain the small lot of the world, I know you feel left out! This is something which makes all the tall girls freak out!

44da3cd99f9c26c031f3488b39ac513e9. Awkward Affections
I thought affections have to be affectionate; Wait, No? Certainly not in the case of tall girls as it makes awkward and weird instead. Just keep on imagining as I try to build this image in front of you, A tall girl hugging someone who is really short or sometimes half her height maybe? I hope now you know what weird actually means! Damn!

images (7)10. Finding the right size of clothes
Girls and clothes, I guess sounds more like synonyms. Isn’t it? So now think of girls for whom finding the right size which fits in all the ways would be like? The problem is that if the length is perfect then there has to be some issue with the waist fit or sleeves and vice versa. Do you see how miserable of a life this is? How adjusting these tall girls are! *sigh*

It’s just not that easy to consider the height factor a blessing, I mean people just don’t let you do! But hey tall girl; Remember, the sky is the limit! And Oh, by the way, Let me try to give you a high five, I bet I can reach! *Just Kidding, I can’t*
These were some of the things tall girls face all the time if you are one of them or maybe know someone?  Then do share it with me in the comments below. Happy sky-ing!