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Top 5 Makeup Mistakes Indian Women Commonly Does

 5 makeup mistakes  commonly made by Indian women in daily life.
1. Wrong Shade of Foundation
     Is it like some cultural thing or what? Indian women tend to wear two shades lighter foundation that makes them look like ghosts straight out of a movie.  Especially during weddings!! Also every aunty in the family HAS TO wear the same foundation. WHATTT??


2. Different Coloured Lipstick and Lip Liner
    I mean I’ve seen women wearing black liner with red lips. Hello lady, the vampires want their makeup back. Oh wait! Even they have more makeup sense!


3. Style of wearing Sindoor or Vermillion 
Ladies we know you are married and you love your husband too much. Maybe! But what’s up with your sindoor going all the way on your your forehead?


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4. Way too much Blush
Firstly, picking the wrong shade of blush and then applying it all over the cheeks so dark that it is the only thing visible. Not a good choice!


5. Too Much Matchy-Matchy
 Yeah we know you love one colour…But sometimes matchy-matchy becomes too much.