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Uber driver waits for 1.5 hrs with women at night for their safety

It was 1 AM. Santosh, a cab driver working for Uber, had just dropped a woman and her mother at their said destination.

But the gate of the place where they were staying, was closed.

He could have left there and then.

But he chose to wait… till the woman and her mother had reached safely indoors.

The woman shared the story on Twitter. And needless to say, the heart touching gesture of the cabbie soon started to be shared by thousands.


And that’s not all, the woman, Priyashmita Guha also goes on to tell us how the man even refused a cab ride, because he did not want to leave two women alone.

Here’s hoping that the driver gets a big raise and that more drivers learn from this good samaritan’s ethics. Kudos to you.